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Attorney Andrei Korottchenko

October 18, 2018
Andrei Korottchenko
In order to go into the field of law, one must have a passion for working hard. Just the education alone is a great investment if one wants to be ready to take on the legal field. Andrei Korottchenko has always been ready and willing to work hard to achieve his goals and becoming an attorney was no exception. He began by earning his Bachelor’s of Arts degree and was noted as earning specialized honors in economics. He received this degree from York University in 2010 and it has helped him to see the world in a way that is deeper than simply surface level which boded well for him as he set out to earn his Juris Doctorate. Andrei Korottchenko attended the University of Manitoba and graduated in 2014 with his law degree. He then took the bar in 2015 and began practicing law.

Once diving into the legal world, Andrei Korottchenko found a love for a selection of practices areas including but not limited to transportation law, maritime law, insurance law, and subrogation cases. Each of these areas have their own challenges and he enjoys being able to embrace these challenges in stride and help his clients to achieve their desired outcomes. Being able to practice law has brought him great joy and fulfillment and he looks forward to continuing in this field.